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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reuse and Remake - Play Dresses

Inspired by this tutorial, I dug through the bottom of Chris' closet this week, pulling out discarded shirts from the "to donate" pile. I cut them up and made some play dresses for Miss G. The first dress has some strategically placed flowers to cover up a stain or two. The neck is a bit big, which means I have some pattern reworking to do the next time.

This was certainly a great way to practice construction techniques for knits. I seem to have the most trouble with neck and armhole bindings, but I am getting better each time. This is a cheap way to practice.

The second dress was actually a combination of two shirts: a polo and a t-shirt with a funny design. I used reverse applique to attach the picture to the base shirt, effectively covering up/ cutting away an area which had some stains. The bottom of the t-shirt was also reused as a skirt ruffle to lengthen the dress a bit.

A close-up of the reverse applique. It would have been a shame to throw this one away, don'tcha think?



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