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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Now why is it that I haven't quilted in 14 years? Oh yes! Because I suck at it.

Quilting requires a tremendous amount of patience. Those tiny little seams have to be exactly right, or they do not line up. And the result is poor patchwork. The truth is that I am not really a patient sewer. No.

As I mentioned before, I am working on two doll quilts: one for a swap and one for Miss G's birthday. This is the top of the birthday doll quilt. It uses scraps of fabric* from her nursery stash.

I figured I would try a Chinese Coins pattern, which happens to be the April/May feature on Flickr's Doll Quilt Challenge group. Two birds - one stone. Hey! Problems abound, however. I tried to make my strips random, but wound up having some fabric strips look like they continue across the width. A little off of straight, though, not quite right. So instead of a nice and random look, it appears like I planned for the blocks to be straight, but missed. If I blur my eyes and look at it from a distance it looks OK. Probably Miss G will not notice. Not this year anyway. Heh.

Have no fear Doll Quilt Swap peeps. The design for that one is more of an applique design, so you are safe from my wonky patching. Just think of this one as a warm up for the real thing.

*Good gracious - when will this fabric run out!? I loved it in the beginning, but after one more project I will probably be done with Heather Ross forever.



Blogger Mortimer's Mom said...

oh I LOOOOOVE that! my colors!
keep going, it's fantastic!

April 21, 2008 2:01 AM  
Blogger John & Michelle said...

You are too hard on yourself! I love what you've done and it looks awesome to me!!!

April 21, 2008 8:36 AM  

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