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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big Footed Bunny

On the way to mail the care package last week, Chris stopped off for his Mandarin lesson. They used the items in the box as tools for the lesson and discussion, and apparently his teacher was astounded that I had made the little kitty, not just purchased it from a store. They had quite a lively discussion in class about making things, and Chris was able to teach her a thing or two, like how hats are best knit on circular needles (crazy, she thought).

At the end of the day, she asked if we could make her a doll too. So Chris and I pulled out the book of patterns and the stash fabric this weekend, and we made Mr. Bunny here. Just like the kitty, he is made from a weewonderfuls pattern: the "Big Footed Bunny." His body is brown cotton velveteen and white flannel. The pants are made from one of Heather Ross' cotton prints and a few scraps of grosgrain ribbon. And his eyes - we like his eyes the best. We couldn't find a store selling buttons, so we opted for some jade beads that we found at the market down the street.

For the record, Chris did most of the work on this little guy. I did all of the machine work, but he did almost all else.

Snuggly little bunny. Hope you have fun with your new momma.



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