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Thursday, August 2, 2007

New(er) Babies

When I was in Atlanta last week, my mom and I pulled out a number of her old childhood dolls from the attic. Some of them need desperate repairs - one poor baby has no arms at all - while others just needed a good scrub. Almost none of them have clothes that have survived. I took the baby floating in the picture above home. Once I have some free time, I can see about covering her chubby nakedness.

I think I would like to try to fix the two big dollies in the picture below. For sure I can replace their cloth bodies, which is the most obvious issue. More difficult will be the hair replacement on the one at the bottom left, which will probably require follicle transplants. Ha!

I found some interesting sources on doll repair, which I will have to look into once I get these kids to my house. Before I rip them apart, however, we need to take them to be appraised to make sure they aren't secretly valuable. There is not much chance of that, though. Cute as they are, these babies are not that old, were very well loved and seem to be pretty standard (i.e., probably many were made). Actually, I am rooting for "not valuable" so I can dig in and see what can be done to make them whole again and ready to be loved by a new generation.



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