Miss Gioia

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gu Gu

Gioia's Aunt Lisa is here to visit this week. Gu Gu (sounds like goo goo) is the Chinese term for paternal Aunt. All day we have been saying - Gioia, where's your Gu Gu? There's your Gu Gu! It was such a fun day.

We are so glad you are here Lisa!

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Poor, Poor Mother-in-Law

Chris' parents are coming to visit us for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday. We are really excited to see them in Beijing, especially after we had such a nice relaxing time with my parents over Christmas.

The thing about visitors, especially visitors who are also relatives, is that they are also wonderful delivery vehicles. They can carry with them all sorts of goodies from the USofA. Goodies!? Why would you want someone to bring you goodies when it seems everything is MADE in China? Well, everything is made in China FOR EXPORT. It is truly, truly hard to find certain items here. Like women's clothes in any size above a US 4. Or shoes bigger than a Women's size 7 1/2 (monster sizes, apparently). Or quality sewing supplies.

My very sweet mother-in-law agreed to accept delivery of some packages and bring some items over in February. I think I got a little carried away with the ordering thing. She sent an email yesterday saying - I got your two packages! All that fabric!

Ummmm... yeah. I am not sure how to tell her that there are 6 more packages en route, and one contains a full 14 yards of cotton velour and interlock knit fabrics for baby knits. Perhaps I need to ready the bottles of white wine to make up once she arrives with the overstuffed suitcase.