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Friday, November 13, 2009


As it turns out, I have become a very bad travel blogger. After being in Tokyo all week, I managed only two crappy pictures: one of a flower in the hotel and a picture of the train to the airport. Yikes.

In an attempt to somewhat redeem myself, here is a brief recap of this I learned this week:

1) Heated toilet seats are super weird.
2) Japanese business men like pinstriped suits. A LOT.
3) Frank Lloyd Wright designed part of the Imperial hotel, even the glasses in the Imperial Bar.
4) Japanese stores decorate for Christmas really early.
5) Japanese business women like to wear dark clothes but often wear bright long scarves, much like Londoners. Who knew.
6) There are a disproprotionate number of French restaurants in Ginza (pronounced Gin-ZAH, another surprise).
7) I definitely like taking the Airport Bus over the train, primarily because Tokyo main station strikes fear into my heart. All those stairs and confusing signs. Goodness.

I look forward to getting home to my family tonight. It has been a long and draining week. Perhaps I will have more energy for pictures on the next trip.



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