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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween is not a big holiday here in Taiwan, but we managed to find an event to dress up for at the last minute. We attended a Halloween carnival in Da'an park hosted by a local English school. It was an interesting experience. They held a spelling bee for the first hour of the carnival. All the kids wrote the words on paper in the bee instead of saying them aloud, which was a bit puzzling. The crazy thing was that the kids got every single word right, for thirty or so words in a row. So then they went to a tie breaker, an exercise which used words that weren't on the list that they had studied. You can probably guess how fast it ended after that. The first word was "glad" and four of the five kids on stage missed it immediately. Then they did a round to determine who would get second place. It took like four or five tries. Those kids could not spell the words they hadn't studied to save their lives.

Gioia's costume was not very elaborate,* primarily because I wasn't expecting to find a Halloween party at all. When we realized we had an event to dress up for, I offered her two options for costumes - cat or princess - and she was way into being a cat. Princess was not cool at all. Which was great because every other little girl we saw in the park today was a fairy princess. Almost to a one.

Go Gioia.

*For the record, she also had ears, but she refused to wear them.



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