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Monday, June 1, 2009

Tuscan Wedding

For this wedding, I decided to try to make a little picture book for the couple. I was not as productive as I had hoped (kiddo duty cut into my shooting time), but I got a few nice ones. I used Blurb to create the actual book. If it turns out nice, this may become part of our gift arsenal.

I find that we spend less time shopping and spending money on souvenirs now that we have nice cameras and lenses. People kept asking if we had been to the luxury outlets nearby, but we said no - we took a walk instead.

Besides the pictures, we came home from Italy with only four things: pasta shaped like Winnie the Pooh (guess who picked that one out), a cute little Trevi fountain watercolor, a bracelet with "Gioia" on it (because where else would we find that!), and a bottle of yummy Tuscan wine (the only one of three that survived the week intact - heh). And some gifts for the present closet, but that is just planning ahead. Even counting the gifts, it was not a lot.

Definitely best of all were the photos and great memories. Hopefully the little wedding picture book will be cute enough to send along to our friends. We shall see...



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