Miss Gioia

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where Go?

Miss G looked especially cute today in her Church dress, but she proved extremely challenging to photograph. She will run around the house, smiling and giggling. Yet the second you pick the camera up, she gets all shy and looks away. It is very much like how she behaves with strangers - talking up a storm when she is alone with us and silent as a clam when someone else joins the circle.

Speaking of talking, she is clearly progressing linguistically. It is quite interesting to watch her assimilate two languages at once. This week, she has been using Chinese grammar in her English speech. Instead of "Where did Daddy go?" it is "Daddy where go?" At the rate she is learning, though, it will be smoothed out in a jiffy. For example, she is starting to use "I" instead of referring to herself in the third person. Also, when she does say her own name, it is much clearer (i.e., "Yaya" is a thing of the past now).

It is a bit sad to see my baby morph into a little girl, but so fun at the same time. Each day she has a firmer grasp of life's many complexities. I am quite proud of her.



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