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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Basket

Gioia is still too young for candy, so her Easter basket is full of toys and cute things. The highlight of this year's basket is one of Loobylu's Marshmallow Rabbits, which I bought in an auction to benefit the victims of the Australian bushfires a month or so ago. So she's not only super cute, but also philanthropic. In addition to the rabbit, we also found a spring lamb/bear.* Gioia's Ama (My mom) sent the little rabbit purse, which holds bunny socks, a chick cookie cutter and a painted egg. The playdough also came from Ama.

Chris and I are going to hide the Easter eggs around the house so that baby G can have a mini hunt before church tomorrow. I think it is going to be the kind of hunt where we "hide" an egg right in the middle of the carpet. Heh.

This is the first holiday that we celebrated with Gioia as a new family last year, so I am particularly excited for Easter morning. She is so much bigger, more communicative, more active than she was last Easter. This parenting jazz is CRAZY, man. Crazy.

*OK, so the bear is from Starbucks. Not very original. But the Starbucks bear designers sucked me in with this one. It was impossible to resist.



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