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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mind the Gap

I am in London for a few days for work. This was my day to acclimate to the time zone before meetings tomorrow. After arriving in the wee hours, I took a brief nap and then headed into the city to do some shopping. It was a stereotypical London day: wet, cold, dark. And I loved it.

I called Chris while I was sitting in the pub with a little glass of draft cider (v good) and a bowl of veg chili (n good). I said that I was going to get on the Underground and head to Piccadilly next. To which he replied: "Rebecca, it's the tube. People call it the tube there."

Oh yes. The Tewbe.

Perhaps my husband is realizing he is actually glad to not be here as I embarrass myself in this great big city. As long as I keep my mouth shut, I think I can blend in. I am wearing black shoes, after all. But the second I open my mouth, I am doomed.



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