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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Liberty of London - my most favorite store on earth. I forgot to bring the address with me today, so I wandered a bit around Piccadilly trying to remember the way. At one point, I stopped into Starbucks, buying an excuse to ask for directions disguised as a coffee. But the baristas were no help. Liberty? Never heard of it.

Which, of course, is pure blasphemy. We were only two blocks away from the most beautiful store in the whole world, and these girls had no idea.

I found it on my own, wandering down semi-familiar streets, turning a corner and sighing with relief to see the familiar tudor roof and sign. The entrance is crowded with fresh flowers, all gorgeous and quaint. If I lived here, I would take bunches home for my kitchen. Every day.

I bought soaps and lovely ribbons. Cool colorful socks for my husband, and makeup for my face. And of course, fabric. Beautiful tana lawn fabric to become a summer dress for G.

Ah, Liberty. How I love you so.



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