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Monday, January 26, 2009


We made it to Niseko last night, and we had a lovely first day. We took it easy, playing with Gioia in the snow. She was too little for her own skis, so we winged it a bit. She took a few toboggan rides with me and with Chris (which we may have enjoyed more than she did). The petting zoo was her favorite, though. We went twice. Yes, that's a penguin. Poor little guy.

Chris skied with her on a couple of runs on the "Family slope." As she didn't have little skis of her own, he held her in his arms instead. It worked fine, and she certainly didn't hate the experience. We had a really nice day. Tomorrow it's day care for Gioia and grownup skiing for us, but this was a lovely way to start off.

More pictures of the trip so far are here. If you look at all of these, you can see some shots of the Cool Star coach, which we hired for the 2.5 hour trip from Sapporo. It came complete with our own beer attendant. Very nice.



Blogger Johnny said...

My wifey would F-R-E-A-K out at the idea of a petting zoo where she could touch a penguin (she's been a penguin-lovin-nut since she was a child).

She seriously looked into getting a pet penguin.


January 26, 2009 10:03 PM  

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