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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missing My Family

I am in New York for meetings at the moment. After two weeks of travelling with my peeps, I am finding myself remiss without them. So I am posting this picture as a reminder that Miss G is having a fabulous time at her grandparents' house, running around with the dog and begging to go outside to see the fish in the backyard. Chris said that she prayed for me twice last night, which makes me feel loved indeed.

We made it to Atlanta a day late after missing our connecting flight in Frankfurt. Turkish Airlines says it was a voluntary act on our part. Which makes total sense. We volunteered to arrive 35 minutes late, take a bus from the first plane, run though the airport like crazy people with three backpacks and a car seat, take a train to another terminal, stand in security AGAIN only to find that the plane to Atlanta was oversold so they had given up our seats 15 minutes before departure. Yes. We voluntarily did all of that.

After spending over an hour rebooking, we flew to Munich, stayed in a hotel (and paid for it because of our voluntary decision to miss the first flight), and then flew to Atlanta on Monday. By then, Baby G had been traveling for three days straight. She had had it for sure. In that long 10 hour flight, I discovered that my sweet little girl had turned into the spawn of Satan. To top it all off, she wanted only Mommy, not Daddy. He couldn't even give her a cup of water. Which meant that she screamed in her carseat, clawing and asking to sit with me while the seatbelt sign was illuminated, or bounced on my lap for the entire trip. Seriously.

It wasn't her fault at all. So I shouldn't have threatened to sell her to the highest bidder once we landed. That was probably inappropriate.

Funny, though. The next day, she was as sweet as can be. Turns out I didn't want to sell her after all. Turns out I miss her desperately now that I am away. Funny.



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