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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red House

On weekend mornings, we are usually searching for something to do, primarily to keep kiddo entertained in the long stretch before her nap. This last Saturday, we took the subway to the Red House, which is a cute little attraction tucked away in a busy downtown shopping district.

The Red House itself was not too large, but it had some marginally interesting exhibits. The cakes and tea at the little cafe caught my eye, but unfortunately we had filled up already at the western imperialist hot beverage store. Oops. Perhaps I need to come back at teatime one day.

We also saw some funny life size dolls. With very large heads.

Gioia had a big time walking around and climbing things. She is in an over/ under phase these days, just like Skippyjon Jones. She clearly needed lots of napkins for going OVER the ottoman.

More pictures from the outing are here. Good times.



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