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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Makin' Plans for CNY

The annual Chinese New Year trip: one of the new "traditions" that is easily adopted by a Western expat living in Asia. CNY is a family holiday in China and Taiwan, so staying home means one night of firecrackers and then six days of erie silence and empty streets. You have to get out of Dodge, for sure.

Last year, we spent CNY waiting for kiddo's visa in Guangzhou. It was a great experience, don't get me wrong. But we were stuck in limbo, wandering deserted streets and just marking time before the offices re-opened and we could move on. Not so fun. So this year, we were itching to go somewhere exciting, somewhere active.

So the tickets are booked and the studio is reserved. This year, we are going skiing in Japan. It has been a while since we last went skiing (Argentina in 2004? Yikes!), and Chris was itching to get back on the slopes. Plus Gioia has not really seen snow (that we know of anyway). Hopefully, this will be her "baby step" year, where she starts to feel comfortable in a winter environment. Next year we can pop her in a lesson or two. She will be a ski-wee before you know it.

The only problem with this plan is the clothing (or lack thereof). We pretty much ditched all of our warm gear when we moved to this tropical island. Gioia has a ton of sundresses, but not much cold weather gear. Luckily our friend Amy gave her a great hand-me-up ski outfit - beautiful overalls and a jacket - but I think she will probably need more than just that for a week. Hmmmm.



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