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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Am Not Ready

Normally all our Christmas gifts are purchased, wrapped and mailed by now. I am very much a "plan ahead" kind of gift giving person. As we travel, I like to pick up gifts and stash them in the present closet well in advance of the holiday season.

This year, though, we decided to go to Turkey with the family. That was gift enough for us adults, so I have had no need to plan ahead, to stash away gifts in the closet from March to September. As a result, I have almost completely forgotten about things that still need to be done, like figuring out what to get for people who lie beyond the Turkey circle. What to do for Gioia to make her first Christmas with us special. How to find a church in Istanbul with service on Christmas Eve. I have ordered Christmas cards, at least. But for all else, I am not ready, not as organized as usual.

We also just found out that both Chris and I have to be in the States for the first week in January. Which means that we have to rearrange our tickets, and fly from Istanbul to the US and then back to Taipei a week later, all with baby G in tow. Stressful and expensive, this little wrinkle in the plan. It will all work out fine, of that I am sure. But still, I am unprepared.



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