Miss Gioia

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Miss G adores bubbles. It is pretty much the only two syllable word that she can say well: Buh-BLES. Actually, she has been able to say that word for months now.

Sunday was rainy, which meant that we were pretty much stuck inside the apartment all day. We broke out the bubble shooter, the one that Gioia and the Nanny use at the park all the time. Essentially, we tried to recreate the "park" experience in the living room. Bubbles are always a hit.

This bubble device is fabulous. You dip the tip in bubble soap, pull the trigger, and then a stream of bubbles come pouring out accompanied by space blaster sounds. I could do without the noise, actually, but this little thing makes me a bubble rockstar.

We bought the bubble shooter from a vendor at the Sun Yat Sen memorial hall. In truth, Chris brought one home one day and showed me. It looked just like a little gun and I wigged out. No guns, No guns! I said. So we went back and bought another one, this time shaped like a more innocuous dolphin. The guy must have thought we were crazy, buying one bubble device and giving him one back at the same time.

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of bubbles? Goodness.



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