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Saturday, October 11, 2008

And That Is Why We Lug a Carseat Around Asia

We took a trip to Phuket Town today, which is about an hour's drive from where we are staying. We shopped (mostly browsed, actually) and lunched before heading back to the resort. About 15 minutes into the drive back we were jolted from behind. It was only a little fender bender; the car behind us bumped into our trunk.

We were a little startled, but no one was hurt. The driver pulled over and got out to deal with the issue. I looked over at Gioia and she made the baby sign for "scared," which basically involves patting her chest rapidly. I asked her: "Did that scare you?" And she responded "Pa." Which is Mandarin for fear. Ah, yes baby. I am sorry you were scared, but I am glad you can tell me how you feel and receive comfort.

At the end of the day, it was no big deal. Only a small delay on the way to a nap. But imagine what could have happened if I had been holding her. Even a little tap could have thrown her forward and led to injury. Instead, she was safe in her five point harness.

And that is why we always bring a carseat, even when it is a pain.



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