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Monday, June 9, 2008

More Bunnies... Must Have More Bunnies!

Gioia has been sleeping with a little, soft bunny rabbit. My mom brought it as a gift for Gioia when she and my Dad visited us in Beijing for Christmas in 2006. When we first met Baby G, she was pretty indifferent to her sleeping companions. She needed something to suck on, yes, but was not concerned if we substituted the elephant for the Waldorf baby.

Apparently much has changed. We - stupid parents that we are - decided to wash the bunny today. Because it was stinky. Because we are all going to Beijing tomorrow and we thought it would be a good idea to take a clean rabbit on the journey. Surely we can give her another rabbit to fall asleep with tonight. Or the elephant. Whatever.

Oh my gracious, were we ever wrong. She cried and cried. The bunny was still in the dryer, so we rocked her for the longest time. Chris burned his hand checking on the bunny in the dryer early in the crying episode. Still wet.

Guess what finally calmed her down? Yeah. Only the bunny. When he was finally dry.

As soon as she fell asleep, I scoured the internet to find more bunnies. But hey - guess what? Pottery Barn no longer carries that exact type of bunny. I even checked Ebay sellers. No luck.

I ordered two new PBK bunnies that look semi-close, but aren't exactly her bunny. How much you wanna bet she will know the difference? I think so.

Please Lord, do not let us lose this bunny.



Anonymous AmericanFamily said...

Do you have a picture of the bunny? I can keep an eye open for it the next time I am at the pottery barn outlet. They tend to get a lot of discontinued kids stuff there. My mom also has a few stuffed toys from PB outlet at her house, there is a small chance she might have it and I could just ship it to you.


June 9, 2008 10:24 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

My son lost his beloved rabbit in a department store. We were lucky and found it after a few hours of searching, but right after we got home, I sewed a label reading "I am lost, please call ________" with my cell number on it. He's nearly 11 now, but we still have Peter Rabbit on his shelf.

June 9, 2008 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you post a picture of the bunny? I actually found myself in exactly the same position as you- my daughter fell in love with "Bunny." He was a gift from a friend. We have scoured the ends of the earth to no avail- we have one beloved Bunny that I now handwash.

I naively tried to replace Bunny at one point with a replacement Bunny from PBK. I bought two and they sit in her closet, unloved. Perhaps we have your Bunny?


June 10, 2008 9:58 AM  
Blogger BevS97 said...

She will know the difference, even if you get the exact same one. Don't ask me how, but they know.

June 12, 2008 12:19 AM  

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