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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say What?

We had a big day today filled with lots of appointments. First, I went to the dentist and then Chris. Finally, we took Gioia for her one year appointment and MMR shot.

We were all sitting in the dentist's office at the hospital (everything medical is done at hospitals here), and I picked up a book to read to Gioia, namely "Rumples and Tumbles Go to the Country." This was a book about two toy rabbits - a pink rabbit and a blue rabbit - who wondered what color REAL rabbits were. Rumples said they were pink, and Tumbles said they were blue (or was it the other way...) Anyway, they set off on a rural adventure to discover the answer to their question. But as they were urban rabbits, they kept getting distracted by all the nature. Trees, cows who said MOOOOOOO, sheep who said BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. All of this was quite distracting for the bunny rabbits.

So Rumples and Tumbles got a little silly. Rumples said BAAAAA, like the sheep. And Tumbles said MOOOOOOO like the cow and then made Chinese eyes.

Ummmmm. Say What? I read it twice to be sure. Yes, indeed. The book said that the little blue toy rabbit was being silly and made Chinese eyes.

This was a book on display in a very ordinary doctor's office in a Taipei hospital. A book which was printed in Hong Kong, no less. One that I picked up to read to my daughter who has very beautiful Chinese eyes (and there are nothing silly about them at all).

You know, I wasn't angry about the experience. I just skipped over the words and said, well, I won't read that sentence. But it was VERY VERY odd.

Don't you think?



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