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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tea Time (Again)

I went back to the tea mountain yesterday, this time with my family - Chris, Gioia and my Dad, who is in town for the weekend - and some more good friends. We waited in a looooong line to get to the top. Dad said that the only bad thing about the experience was the gondola line. Well, true, but it was a cool ride in the end.

The top picture was taken on the way up the mountain. Our twenty minute ride to the top led us directly to a restaurant overlooking farms and tea plantations. We ate and ate. And had beers. Good beers.

Then we walked around to a second place, where we had a nice pot of tea and some cakes. The poor lady who served the tea had only been working there for three days, so we actually knew more about how to pour the tea than she did. Which is to say, she didn't know very much at all.

On the way back to the gondola station, we saw lots of pretty flowers, commented on the plethora of ducks, and made jokes about how awful the line was going to be. But the line turned out to be quite short, and we were all sated.

More pictures of the tea mountain are here.



Blogger manuela said...


Ya formais parte de mi vida, gracias por compartir un poco de la vuestra.

5 enero 06!

April 6, 2008 3:53 PM  

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