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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mail Goodies!

We just got a fabulous package in the mail. Well, not really we. It was a gift for Gioia. But I like it so much that I am secretly calling it mine. When we opened the package, I said, Gioia these are from your first cousins... once removed... and second cousins... Hey, how about we just call them family.

Our cool relatives from Texas sent wonderful embroidered gifts. First, a cotton blanket that is a perfect weight for the stroller on these cool-then-warm-then-cool-again spring days in Taipei. Gioia also got a sweet monogrammed shirt and these fantastic bloomers. I think bloomers are one of the best things about having a daughter. Seriously, aren't they fabulous?

Thank you guys! We love them. Megan, you do very nice work.



Blogger Rae said...

firs time commenter but i've been reading for a while - followed from AmFam's blog

I LOVE Gioia's middle name - my daughter's middle name is Beatrice and I love it with an X as well - and I love the meaning "bringer of Joy" - paired with Gioia it is just gorgeous

April 2, 2008 3:49 PM  

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