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Friday, January 25, 2008

Travel News!

Beijing says that the travel approval was mailed yesterday and should arrive this weekend. Yay! Now travel plans kick into high gear. We are going to be traveling for 4-5 weeks, all total, so I have to figure out ways to be VERY frugal. Here is the plan.

1) Fly to Chongqing on Monday, January 28 despite mysterious BLAS guide guy who says we cannot come until Tuesday. There were no frequent flyer flights on Tuesday, so Monday it is (using points for three of four legs = savings of US$976).

2) Stay in the JW Marriott in Chongqing from Monday to Tuesday, Feb 5. During that time, we will stay three nights for free using points (savings = US$310). Detailed Chongqing schedule:

- Tuesday, January 29 - Silly guide says it is too early to get Gioia. Pace hotel. Worry.
- Wednesday, January 30 - Gioia day! Drive to Fuling and pick her up. Drive back.
- Thursday, January 31 - Formal adoption proceedings. Become parents. For reals.
- Friday, February 1 - Sit and stare at her. Play games. Make mistakes. Hold her while she cries. Make more mistakes. Love her.
- Saturday, February 2 - Repeat
- Sunday, February 3 - Repeat
- Monday, February 4 - Repeat
- Tuesday, February 5 - Pick up her (expedited) passport. SEE Y'ALL LATER - off to Chengdu, by hook or by crook. As it is only two days before CNY, it may actually be on the back of a donkey.

3) Tuesday, February 5 to Sunday, February 10 (Chinese New Year, for those of you keeping track) - Hang out in Chengdu at the Sheraton. For free. Because we can use points (savings = US$445). See pandas. And other touristy things. Unless Gioia is sad or sick, in which case we stay home and just love on her some more.

4) Sunday, February 10 - Fly to Guangzhou for US visa stuff at the US consulate. Stay at the Westin for only $40 a night plus Starwood points (assuming 7 nights, savings = US$545)

5) Somewhere between February 15 and 17, fly to Honolulu (Depending on visa appointment date, availability of flights to Hawaii) Try to use United miles to upgrade to three seats in business class for the 15 hour trip (oh please, oh please).

6) Hang out in Hawaii for 10 - 14 days. Stay at the Hyatt for six free nights using Gold Passport points (savings = US$1,836 = JACKPOT). Get Gioia's passport, certificate of citizenship, and Taiwan visa).

7) Somewhere around February 29, fly home to Taipei.


Total hotel and airfare freebies = US$4,112.*

So I have officially proven two things with this post. 1) We travel way too much and have accumulated way too many miles and points. 2) I am a big dork planner person.

Five more days until we see Gioia! Isn't that great!?

*Not counting the possible upgrade to business class from China to Hawaii. Which we are going to get. Positive thoughts.. positive thoughts.



Blogger Wendy said...

Congratulations!! It didn't ever occur to me that you had to return to the US before heading home to Taipei. We've done that flight with children 4 times now(two roundtrips). The final trip we were outnumbered (three kids to two adults), but we all managed to survive. I'll be sending good upgrade vibes your way!

January 26, 2008 11:20 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

Hey congrats! The various readers I use to track the blog aren't picking up your feeds - so I have to remember to come visit, manually.

CQ?- oh yes.

January 28, 2008 11:06 PM  

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