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Monday, November 12, 2007

Tai Bei Ren

We are now officially in Taiwan. Chris arrived last week, and we are settling into our new apartment in Taipei. We have had some minor hiccups. The washing machine died, for example. Chris tried valiantly to fix it, but it seems that we may need to make a trip to Costco tomorrow for a new machine. Speaking of Costco, that place is the bomb diggety if you are homesick for a taste of the US of A.

In other news, the social worker came to visit on Saturday. Once we get our Taiwan police clearances and FBI fingerprints updated, we are ready for our referral. Only two (?) months away! Yipes!

Taipei is going to be a great city for our family. It is way less polluted and stressful than Beijing. And it is so dog friendly! Everyone is walking a dog here - big ones, little ones, yippy ones (see picture), silent ones. Frankie will fit in just fine when he is allowed to come over. For now, an empty dog bed and a crib await our babies who are far away.



Anonymous Amy said...

Costco? Like real Costco, not like fake, disappointing Macro?! I hated that place. Maybe we should bid on Taiwan next...

November 12, 2007 9:41 PM  

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