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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A New Space

In the past two years that we have lived in China, we have rented furnished spaces. Our apartment in Shanghai was nice, with modern fixtures and Chinese furniture with clean lines. It wasn't OURS, though. We tried to make it comfortable, but it seemed more like a place to sleep and watch TV than a home.

In Beijing, we have been in a furnished townhome. Most of the furniture was definitely more country kitch than I would have liked. It was OK, but again - not really home. We did our best with slipcovers and things. But really, who picks out a couch that looks like this?

So now that we are moving again, this time to Taipei, we really need to seize the opportunity to make this new space a home. In order to do that, we started with the following must haves: close to work (preferably walkable), located in an urban environment, three or more bedrooms, and MUST allow dogs. In addition to all that, though, we were definitely looking for an unfurnished place, one where we could pick the rugs and the sofa and the drapes.

This week, the lease to our next apartment was signed, and we are set to move into our new home next month. We did not get our first choice, but the new place is probably a better bet anyway. It is much sunnier, has higher ceilings and is right in the middle of a very Taiwanese neighborhood.

I am a planner, but Chris is not. In my mind, that new apartment is a blank slate that we can start filling in, even though we are not there yet. For him, though, it is really difficult to imagine the space without being in it. So I am all "how about this rug" and "won't we need a desk for the office"? He, on the other hand, is a big "let's wait and see" advocate. So we are trying to be understanding of each other in these days before we move. He nods slowly (and bewilderingly) at each new rug and furniture item, and I try not to be too vocal about all of the plans dancing around in my head.

I am really excited about this opportunity to craft a space that is ours. With all of the changes coming - new city, new responsibilities, new daughter - at least we can nest a bit, make a home.

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Blogger Beuk said...

I love you sweetie :) - urss

October 1, 2007 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Forget what Chris thinks - buy buy buy! Beijing is dirt cheap compared to anywhere else on the planet!
See you guys soon

October 1, 2007 6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca!

I wish you both a easy moving to Taiwan and a good start in this new city!
Kisses n hugs

October 2, 2007 4:01 PM  

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