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Saturday, July 7, 2007


We took Frankie to the vet this morning to see about his teeth. Boxers have bad teeth, you see, so we have to take him in once a year or so for a cleaning. We also brush his teeth regularly, as a preventative measure. Actually, Chris normally brushes his teeth while I sit by helplessly.

Chris has been worried about some gum inflammation, and we decided to consult with a western vet. Teeth cleaning for dogs is quite serious, with anesthesia and everything. So we scheduled a pre-cleaning checkup to talk about his issues (sounds funny, right) and make sure everything was OK before the real cleaning visit.

It is always such a big deal when Frankie goes out of the compound in China. First, he elicits such a strong reaction from people; it is always a surreal experience. Second, he gets so excited and worked up that he sheds like a maniac. We have to place towels or a blanket in the car to minimize the damage, but little white hairs still wind up all over our clothes.

Frankie did really well with the vet, though. He has grown up quite a bit since we first met him almost four years ago. He remained calm even when the med tech stuck a thermometer up his butt for three minutes. I wouldn't have been so relaxed if it had been me.

The verdict is that his gum inflammation is really a growth. Because Frankie is a Boxer and Boxers are susceptible to cancer, we have to have it biopsied. Odds are good that it is not cancer. We are worried nonetheless.

If you are so inclined, please pray for our sweet little Frankie this week. He will be going through a lot in days to come.



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