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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Where were we?

Can you guess where Chris and I went this weekend? One hint - it was reeeaaaly cold. OK, here is another hint.

Did you guess Harbin (pronounced "Har" as in "Jar" and "Bin" as in "Bean")? Yup, we flew to north China on Friday to meet some of our friends for the snow festival. This was a non-stop trip packed with tons of sightseeing. It was definitely a good time, although the peeps in town have learned the word "tip" and use it constantly. As in, "Will you be giving me a tip? How much tip? Don't forget my tip!"

These pictures are from the largest ice park in town, which features life-size buildings and statues all carved out of ice dragged in from the river. Lights are embedded into the ice blocks, so the huge park is awash with colored lights by night. It was so bright that we could see it from our hotel.

Later this week, I hope to write more about the Siberian tiger park and 731 museum, but I am off now to drink a glass of wine and soothe my windburned cheeks.



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