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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CHEEPY Cheepy Cheepy

Wandering through the street fair last week, I heard a faint but distinct cheeping. Little birdies lost in the crowd - looking for their mommas. I glanced down, and there they were. Crawling all over each other in their exuberance.

A crate full of chicks in the middle of a Beijing street was suprising, I'll admit. People were buying them too. Little kids walked away cupping their hands tightly together, lest their little gift escape. Where are y'all putting these chicks in this big crowded, wintery city of ours? In the backyard?

Ah, but I wanted one. I would name him Noah, and he could hide under my pillow until Chris discovered his cheepy cheepys. Then I would convince him to let Noah live out his days on our patio. No one need know. Chickens, after all, don't need a license.



Blogger Beuk said...

uhmmm, and what would you check when they ask you have you been near any poultry in the past 14 days?

So you blog about the chicks, but not scorpion on a stick? lame...

February 28, 2007 1:05 AM  

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