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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Today is our wedding anniversary. Chris and I have been stumbling around all day (all month actually) in a bit of a haze going "Can you BELIEVE it has been three years?"

Earlier this month we bought a fabulous antique chinese medicine chest that we had been lusting after since we arrived in Beijing. So cool, we thought, to have a real chest from a famous store in Beijing. And it can be our anniversary present to each other. I thought I was done - off the hook - phew.

This morning, however, Chris gave me another present, which I totally did not deserve. For this year, the leather year, I received this amazing purse from Lowe. Living in China has taught me to really appreciate, no crave, well made objects. And this, my friends, is about as close to perfect as a bag can be. Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect color.

I am truly honored to be spending this life with Chris. For those of you who have not met my husband, he is an incredibly giving (ummm, yeah!), fascinatingly intelligent, modern man - even though he fights it all of the time. I am so proud of him, how he has grown (how we have grown) in China. I love my bag, I love our medicine cabinet, but what matters most is traveling this world with you.



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