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Monday, December 25, 2006

And the Stockings...

We have had a lovely Christmas this year. My mom and dad have come all the way from Atlanta to visit. They made their flight arrangements before we knew we were moving to Beijing, so Chris and I flew to meet them down south on Friday. We spent two full days in Shanghai, mostly eating. We went to the City Diner for breakfast, had drinks on top of the Peace Hotel on the Bund, then appetizers at La Luna in XinTianDi, finishing up with a little sushi at Shintori. It was delish. Yeah, we did some sightseeing too... but it mostly was all 'bout the food.

We flew back to Beijing on Christmas Eve, and it has been a non-stop stocking opening, present giving, chocolate eating, elf movie watching smorgasbord since we arrived. Speaking of stockings, there are some new ones this year. Here is the amazing cross stitch stocking that Linda, my mother-in-law made for me as a present last year. This thing took her an entire year to complete (can you imagine!?) It has a fabulous crafty theme going on, complete with a Singer sewing machine and a knitting basket. The embroidery was so incredible that I was almost afraid to stitch it up into the stocking shape.

Hope you all have had an equally lovely holiday. Merry Merry!



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